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      In 1986, a boy was born in a small town beside the sea. In his childhood, he enjoyed the sea and beach. He spent all his pocket money on the fishing. However, every time he couldn’t get a high-quality fishing rod because the limited money. He seldom had a good experience on fishing.
      Over time, the boy grew up and left his hometown. He became an accountant and worked in a big city. One day, he returned to his hometown during his Christmas holiday. He saw a child fishing beside the sea. The scene reminded him of the bad experience throughout his childhood. He rounded up some friends and determined to manufacture his own fishing gear to help consumers enjoy the fishing.
      Under these conditions, Anglermall was formed. Started by these few guys in 2017, Anglermall set out with one goal in mind: to design reliable, affordable fishing gear which we would use ourselves. Anglermall is all about making your fishing as simple and enjoyable as possible through innovative gadgets.