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      Why isn't my tracking number working?

      Often, tracking numbers will only function on domestic orders, as foreign postal systems will not update the location of the package in our carriers' systems. International shipping usually takes 2-4 weeks, so you can estimate that it will take about that long from the time your packaOften, tracking numbers will only function on domestic orders, as foreign postal systems will not update the location of the package in our carriers' systems. International shipping usually takes 2-4 weeks, so you can estimate that it will take about that long from the time your package ships until you will receive it. If your order is domestic and the tracking number doesn't work, please let us know so we can make sure that your items were properly shipped.

      The Tracking Number says delivered, but I haven't received my order.

      All domestic delivery issues become the responsibility of ePacket once it's been shipped from our warehouse or suppliers. You can contact ePacket at 4006938956 to locate your package at your local post office.

      Where is your store based?

      NO.332 GUANSHAN RD. WuHan, Hubei, China.

      What is the store's cancellation policy?

      For all other order cancellations, please contact us immediately via our contact page. We will respond to all emails within 24 hours. Once the order request has been processed by our designers and manufacturers (generally within a couple hours), your order cannot be canceled.

      How long will it take to receive my order?

      Since some of our pieces are handmade to order, processing time may vary. Once your order has been processed and shipped, a confirmation email with a tracking number will be sent to the email left at check out.



      United States 8-15 Business Days

      14-28 Business Days

      ** THESE ARE ESTIMATED DELIVERY TIMES. Sometimes there may be delays due to the shipping carrier or international customs sorting.



      Strictly no returns or exchanges unless there are defect(s) in the product(s). If you have a question, contact us at, We only replace items if they are defective or damaged. If you need to exchange it for the same item, send us an email at

      Where is my order?

      We receive a lot of questions about our order times. We strive to send every order as quickly as possible! However, some orders placed will be on handcraft-to-order. We promise to ship all orders as quickly as possible and if any order or item will take more than 3-5 days to ship we will contact you to let you know the updated production time.


      How do I place my order?

      1. Finished adding items to your shopping cart
      2. You may choose to proceed on through our website checkout or through PayPal.
      a. If you wish to continue on through our website checkout, click on the “Checkout” green button located on the right side of the screen.
      b. If you wish to continue through PayPal, click on PayPal button
      3. You will then be transferred to our Customer Information page. You will be prompted to enter:
      a. Email address
      b. Name
      c. Address
      4. If you have a valid discount code, you may enter it in the " Discount" field located on the right said of the screen. Be sure to click on the "Apply" button in order to have your discount calculated and applied to your order.
      5. Continue on by clicking “Continue to Shipping Method” button. You will then proceed on to selecting the Shipping Method. At this phase, we recommend that you recheck your Shipping Address to be able to return back if there are any mistakes. Once everything is OK, click on “Continue on to Payment Method”
      6. You will need to enter in your payment details. You will have the option of indicating that the shipping and billing details are the same, if applicable.
      7. Once you have completed the form, click on the "Complete Order" button. You will be brought to a screen that provides an order summary together with an onscreen order confirmation, as well as a second confirmation via e-mail.
      Should you encounter any difficulties during the checkout process, please feel free to contact our customer service department by sending an email at

      What if there are missing or wrong items when I receive my order?

      For missing or wrongly shipped items, please contact us at and quote your transaction reference number and also provide us with a proof (image file size should be below 1MB). We will be more than happy to reship you the correct item with no extra cost and we won’t even ask for the item that was wrongly sent to you back! You may keep it as a gift from us.

      How do I know that my order has been successfully submitted?

      You will receive an email confirmation containing the Order Number and details of your purchase.

      I would like to change my items ordered. What should I do?

      Amending your order is allowed within 24-hour of purchasing the item/s. You may contact us via to request for change.

      How do I add items to my cart?

      1.Navigate to the page of the item you are interested in and then choose your preferences of the item. When you click the “Add to Cart” button, you will be brought to your "Shopping cart" page. 2.Enter the quantity of the item that you would like to order using the "Quantity:" field next to the image of the item. After you have entered a quantity, you can continue shopping or choose to complete your order.

      How do I view what’s in my shopping cart?

      To view the contents of your cart, click on the Cart icon located on the top of the website page. Once you click on this icon, you can easily change the number of quantity you want to purchase of a particular item in your cart by updating the quantity listed. You can also delete any item in your cart by clicking the “Remove” link to the bottom of the quantity listing.

      How do I remove items from my cart?

      First, click on the “Cart” icon in the upper-right corner of your computer screen. This will allow you to view all items currently in your cart. Once you have identified the item that you would like to delete, click on the “Remove” link to the bottom of the quantity list. This will automatically remove the item and have the page refresh to have your changes reflected.

      How do I change the quantity of a particular item in my cart?

      First, click on the “Cart” icon in the upper-right corner of your computer screen. This will allow you to view all items currently in your cart as well as the quantities that you have chosen for each item. To change the quantity of an item in your cart, move your cursor to the “Quantity” field for this item and type in the quantity desired. Once you do this, the quantity and associated dollar amount (if applicable) will automatically change and reflect the correct amounts for both the quantity and the cost located on the right side of your screen. Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, IE


      How long after placing my order should I expect to receive my shipment?

      All orders are shipped from our warehouse within 48 hours of the order being placed. Purchases shipped worldwide will arrive 10-20 days after the order date thought this may still vary, depending on the availability of the carrier provider and location.

      How can I track my orders?

      A tracking number will be provided to you in your Shipping Confirmation email. You may use the number and track your order using epacket.

      What are your shipping rates?

      We have a fixed shipping rate of $4.95 USD to all destinations worldwide.

      Which countries do you ship to?

      Currently, we ship worldwide. But in case your country may not be supported by our Logistic, we will inform you right away and make necessary changes to your order. To know more about our destination listings, contact us via

      How can I change my Shipping Address?

      Changing of address is allowed within 24hr of purchasing the item/s. You may contact us via to request for change.

      Can I deliver to another address, other than my card billing address?

      Yes, it is possible.

      How is my order shipped?

      Orders are shipped Monday through Sunday, excluding holidays. Any orders placed on Saturday or Sunday will be shipped the following Monday.


      What are your payment options?

      We accept four types of major credit cards (Mastercard, Visa, American Express, and Discover), as well as PayPal.

      How do I make payments using PayPal?

      PayPal is the easiest way to make payments online. Once you have finished adding items to your shopping cart and are ready to complete your transaction, you may click on the “PayPal” button. You will be redirected to the PayPal website. Be sure to fill in correct details for fast & hassle-free payment processing.

      How do I use a discount code?

      To use a promotional code, please follow these steps: 1. Choose the item you want to order and then click "Checkout" green button 2. You will then be transferred to our Customer Information page on the next page, fill-in the corresponding information needed 3. You will see a “Discount” field on the upper right most part of the page 4. You need to input the discount code and then click apply. You need to verify if the discount has been applied and is valid by seeing it applied on the breakdown listed below.


      Is ordering online secure?

      Yes. We take the utmost care with the information that you provide us when placing an order through our online store (or through any other means). The server that hosts our bookstore encrypts the transmission of all credit card and personal customer information using the Internet-standard SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) protocol.

      Is it safe to use my credit card on your website?

      To ensure a safe payment procedure, our website uses credit card processor for a reliable and secure internet payment gateway, keeping all data encrypted with AES-256. To make you more secure and to give you an idea of how our business is going, we have received thousands of orders via credit card gateway.

      Is my personal information kept private?

      Any information that you share with us is private and confidential. At no point will we share, rent or sell your personal information without your consent, except as required by law.