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      • Lifelike Action: The creature bait features a unique craw-style presentation with two pinchers and two appendages, flaps wildly with a fluent lifelike action on the fall as it swims through the water, delivers a living, breathing action that bass have trouble resisting
      • Natural Oils: Fitted with highly concentrated, natural oils rendered from live bait, helps to draw fish in and make them hold on longer for more positive hooksets. The creature bait not only looks and moves like a live bait, but also tastes and smells like one
      • Compact Profile: Features a compact profile, allows it to penetrate easily through cover and along lake floors. Designed with ribbing along the body which will displace plenty of water. Can be fished on a Texas Rig or No Sinker Rig, with up to a 4/0 hook, or used as a jig trailer to bulk up the bait
      • Weedless Design: The soft creature lure has a special-designed hook slot for easier rigging and better hooksets, and helps bury the hook-point to not get snagged up by heavy cover
      • Proven Colors: Several tested and proven colors help you match the hatch on any body of water, ideal for any fishing conditions that needs an enhanced action