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      • Lifelike Patterns: All flies are hand-tied with a realistic looking abdomen section and a good hackle for a proper ride and flotation through heavy fast water.
      • Great Assortment: The fly fishing kit includes proven patterns - Adams, Elk Hair Caddis, Woolly Worm, Nymphs, Emergers, Streamers and more, selected from Dry Flies, Wet Flies, Nymphs, Emerger
      • Mustad Hooks: All fly fishing lures comes with razor-sharp Mustad hooks, dramatically increases hook and hold capacity, ensures positive hook-ups
      • Unique Color: The fishing flies feature unique coloration for enhanced visibility on the water, attract the target trout to bite
      • Waterproof Fly Box: The fly fishing flies are packed in a transparent compact tackle box, makes it convenient to access, allows for easy transport and storage.
      • Buoyancy: Floating Lure
      • Hooks: Mustad Hooks
      • Shipping Weight: 2.7 ounces
      • Lure Box Length: 4.05x2.87in
      • Colors: 18pcs