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      • Good Palatability: Made of quality material with good palatability, tastes like an actual frog, causes the fish to hang on longer for more positive hooksets
      • Weedless Design: The soft frog has a convenient groove in its belly for easier rigging and better hooksets, and helps bury the hook-point to not get snagged up by lily pads or weed beds
      • 4-Legged Design: The special 4-legged soft frogs help to bob harder in the current than traditional 2-legged soft frogs, trigger aggressive strikes
      • High Density: The high-density soft frog allows for natural sinking and swimming actions without the need to add weights or other tackle to achieve the desired action
      • Paddle Tail: The soft body frog features specially designed legs with flat paddle tails, helps flap and vibrate with a hard thump, delivers a very natural action that accurately mimics the swimming motion of a fleeing baitfish, entice fish to bite
      • Lure Weight: 12g/0.42oz
      • Lure Length: 10.5cm/4.13in
      • Material: Degradable TPR
      • Colors: 3 Different Colors
      • Features:4 legged, hook slot
      • Quantity: 15 Pieces/set