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      • Silicone Skirts: Hand-tied with wire underneath a 100-strand silicone skirt, offer an increased sensitivity that allows anglers to feel every pebble and identify the lightest bites, and imitate a killer crawfish with an ultra-lifelike breathing presentation that will work wonders around your favorite rocky spots.
      • Double Spike Trailer Keeper: The double-barbed keeper that holds soft trailers tightly and securely in place, and the sleek trailer keeper minimums the damage to the baits, helps expand the lifespan.
      • Weedguard System: The weed guard allows the flipping jigs to deflect off the cover and navigate through vegetation without snagging as well and provides a great hook-up ratio.
      • Taper-Shaped Head: Features a taper-shaped streamlined head that is well suited for dragging along the bottom, fishing deep rocks and other types of structure, and helps the jig stand in the current just Iike a tumbler, generates a very natural and subtle movement, triggers more strikes.
      • Proven Colors: Several eye-catching colors produce bites in tough fishing situations. When choosing colors, either match your trailer to the color of the skirt or use an opposite shade, for example, if you have a dark skirt, use a light-colored trailer and vice versa.