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      RUNCL Spincast Fishing Reel, Push Button Casting Design, High Speed 4.0:1 Gear Ratio, 7+1 Ball Bearings, 17.5 LB Max Drag, Reversible Handle for Left/Right Retrieve, Includes Monofilament Line.

      • 【Excellent Performance】: The heart of a good Spincasting Fishing Reel is in the line pick-up system. Runcl's SC330 Spincaster reel features a stainless-steel, Dual Pickup system that grabs slack line quickly so you can quickly be ready to set the hook or make another cast.
      • 【 High-Speed 】: With a 4.0:1 gear ratio, RUNCL's SC330 Spincast Fishing reels will pick up line faster and save time in between casts. More importantly, you catch up quickly with fish that may make a run directly at the angler and eliminate slack in your line to increase the catch rate.
      • 【7+1BB】: Runcl's SC330 Spincast Reels are built for smooth performance with 3+1 Stainless-Steel ball bearings & 4 ordinary ball bearings that make this the smoothest bullet reel available today.
      • 【Reversible Handle】: Unlike most spincasting reels, the RUNCL's SC330 push button fishing reel features an amazing aluminum, reversible, double paddle handle with durable rubber grips that can quickly and easily be changed from left- or right-hand retrieve by simply removing the handle retainer cap and moving the handle to the opposite side of the reel. This important feature means that you can have just one spincast reel that best fits any anglers fishing style.
      • 【Pre-spooled with MONO Line】: The RUNCL's SC330 Spincaster style spinning reel has much more fishing line capacity than competitive push button reels, which means you can make longer casts, fish for more species in deeper water conditions, and simply have a better fishing experience. It even comes pre-spooled with 160 yards of 10 lb test Monofilament fishing line so it’s ready to go fishing right out of the box. Great as a trout fishing reel or bass fishing reel.