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      • True Fluorocarbon: The PowerFluorocarbon is constructed from 100% pure fluorocarbon (not coated), provides the ultimate in invisibility, castability, and durability; boasts a hassle-free, slick fluorocarbon construction that delivers efficient, well-paced pitching and reeling, makes it ideal for both spinning and casting reels
      • Amazing Strength: The fluorocarbon fishing line boasts incredible abrasion resistance while maintaining the softness needed, allows it to withstand the shock of savage strikes, and deliver solid hooksets, which is a top choice when fishing the thickest cover or dragging lures along the bottom
      • Invisible Underwater: The PowerFluorocarbon comes close to matching the light refraction index of water, makes it totally invisible to the fish in the water, which can be of great help when targeting skittish fish in clearwater
      • Fast Sinking Rate: Features high-density construction, allows lures to sink faster than mono, resulting in less slack between the lure and rod tip; perfect for pinning lures close to the bottom and achieving more running depths from weightless presentations in both trolling and casting situations
      • Ultralow Stretch: Outfitted with ultralow stretch for enhanced sensitivity, offers improved ability for bite detection, better telegraph information from the other end of the line, such as lightest bites or your lure ticking bottom