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      • Natural Oils: Poured with highly concentrated, natural oils rendered from live bait, helps to draw fish in from distance and make them hold on longer for more positive hookups and landing ratios
      • Multi-Jointed Design: The segmented tail specially designed by RUNCL, offers a wide tail kicking action even at slow retrieve speeds, displaces more water than any other paddle tail on the market, creates attention-grabbing action, and triggers aggressive reaction strikes
      • Paddle Tail: The soft swimbait features a high-action flat paddle tail, helps flap and vibrate with a hard thump, delivers a fish-attracting action that bass have trouble resisting
      • Weedless Design: The jointed swimbait is armed with one hook slot on top and another hook slot in its belly for easier rigging and better hooksets, and helps bury the hook-point to not get snagged up by the heavy cover
      • Proven Colors: Available in several tested and proven colors to help you match the forage in your local waters, ideal for any fishing conditions that need an enhanced action