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      • Shutter-Style Ribs: Designed with a shutter-style ribbed body for a greater presence in the water, holds air and releases tiny bubbles to create a natural breathing action, displaces a large amount of water with even the slightest current or movement, makes it easy for big bass to hone in from a great distance.
      • Straight Tail: Constructed with a straight tail, adds darting action through the water like a scared or injured baitfish, seems to come to life in a subtle current, trigger aggressive feeding responses from bass and other gamefish.
      • Fennel Flavor: Cooked-in fennel scent dispersal rapidly draws fish in from distances, creates a strong feeding urge even live bait can't match, causes fish to latch down longer for a better catch ratio.
      • Weedless Design: The ribbed swimbait is equipped with double hook slots on the belly and back for easier rigging and better hooksets, helps bury the hook-point, and provides snag-free fishing.
      • Proven Colors: Available in a variety of fish-catching colors, help you match the hatch on any body of water, ideal for any fishing conditions that need an enhanced action.