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      • Eleven Ball Bearing System: Boasts 10+1 ball bearings, including 10 stainless steel ball bearings, and 1 dead stop anti-reverse bearing, delivers incredibly smooth functioning and offers exceptional corrosion protection in saltwater surroundings.
      • Seamless Magnetic Brake System: The baitcasting reel REMIEL is constructed with 5 magnet beans in the magnetic brake system for complete cast control, provides stable and smooth operation. 32 adjustable gears in a left-handed baitcasting reel, allows you to fine-tune cast control to accommodate a variety of lures and fishing conditions, effectively reduce bird nests when casting into the wind.
      • Advanced Sealed Drag System: The sealed drag is loaded with 2 premium carbon fiber washers and 1 stainless steel arch-shaped washer, the arch-shaped washer increases the contact area between carbon fiber washers and anti-reverse bearing, extends the lifespan of carbon fiber washers, helps boost maximum drag by 20% (up to 17.6 lbs) and guarantees you a larger catch.
      • Forged Aluminum Alloy Spool: The baitcaster REMIEL is equipped with a lightweight aluminum alloy spool, allows to spread of the fishing line properly all over the spool, suitable for heavier lures and also lighter lures.
      • Enhanced Ergonomic Lengthen Handle: The enhanced lengthen handle (4in/10cm in length) helps save effort, promises unparalleled efficiency even when fighting with trophies, perfect for tournament anglers on a budget. The hollow-out handle and non-slip high-density EVA knob provide a superior grip, keeps your hands comfortable during a long fishing trip.