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      • 10+1 Stainless Steel Bearings: The new series baitcasting fishing reel is more corrosion-resistant and wear-resistant. The internal needle rollers of the bearing have been increased from the original 6 needles to 10, which improved the reel overall tension and smoothness, reduced the reel in use one-way idling and probability of the fish ran away, and makes the reel comfortable even after thousands of casts during a day of fishing.
      • 10-Level Adjustable Magnet Braking System: 10 magnets can better ensure the stability of fishing line control. By adjusting the position of the brake bean to control the braking force, thus the purpose is achieved to control the speed of the spool. To give the angler many levels of spool braking to eliminate frustrating overruns. The larger the level number, the greater the braking force.
      • 7.3:1 Gear Ratio Faster and More Accurate: The baitcasting reel of Low-speed ratio need to spend more time to fight with fish after the fish bites the lures. But our baitcasting reel features a high-speed ratio that can quickly tighten the fishing line so that anglers can easily control the fish for anyone looking for a faster fishing line retrieve to help pick up the fish efficiently.
      • With 4 Premium Carbon Fiber Drag Washers: The star relief wrench is the main device to control the line reel. And this material design of carbon fiber drag washers is the best for the relief group, because it can provide the best relief smoothness and relief force, and has heat resistance characteristics. It is also the basic design of a high-grade water drip reel.
      • Enhanced Ergonomic Lengthen Handle: Not only tapered ceramic outlet of this baitcasting reel greatly reduces throwing resistance and line burst probability, but the wide-angle taper allows the line to flow freely through, and spool arrangement is neater. And the precision-machined brass main gear provides smooth operation and long reel life For all-day fishing comfort.