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      • Premium Japanese Fluorocarbon: Constructed with pure fluorocarbon resins designed and manufactured in Japan, makes SVALLET totally invisible to the fish in the water for the most realistic presentations possible. The non-reflective finish covered is additionally treated with a UV-protective agent to further extend the line's lifespan.
      • R-Extrusion Molecular Tech: The fluorocarbon leader line SVALLET has been produced using R-Extrusion Molecular Tech with Triple-Resin Processing, delivers minimum interference with lure movement, an emphasis on suppleness, and ruggedness to withstand abrasions and sharp teeth, provides the ultimate in invisibility, castability, and durability.
      • Balanced Strength & Sensitivity: SVALLET has the perfect balance of strength and sensitivity, provides great abrasion resistance when in contact with rocks, sticks, and other underwater obstructions; boasts exceptional knot strength to increase manageability for your fluorocarbon to braid connection knots, eliminate problems with braid cutting your leader; what's more, offers a bolstered sensitivity that ensures no nibble goes unnoticed for a better hook-up ratio.
      • Compact Levelwinding Spool: The Fluorocarbon Leader Line SVALLET is level winding the spools, minimizes memory to avoid flattening of the line, enhances surface hardness, and also keeps it super limber, eliminates line twist when re-spooling your reels. The compact spool takes up minimal space in your boat compartment or day bag.
      • Variety Test Pounds Available: Offered in a wide selection of test pounds to handle anything from finesse fishing to heavy-duty flipping. Each line size features its own custom recipe, provides a unique quality to make each size perform the best for its intended purpose, a must-have for serious anglers.