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      The RUNCL Swimbait 7.5" Slow Float is built to mimic this preferred forage with a meaty profile and seductive action to attracts big bites from trophy bass.

      Designed to be worked with your reel rather than the rod tip, the RUNCL Swimbait 7.5" Slow Float is tuned for a variety of retrieves and will stop on a dime then slide out to the left or right when the retrieve is suddenly paused. With a slow retrieve, the RUNCL Swimbait's jointed body exhibits sharp, quick turns for pinpoint movement through grass bed channels, around submerged weeds, and along structure. With fast retrieves, it tightens up and delivers a hard-hitting, high-pitch rolling action that displaces a generous amount of water and attracts fish from a distance. 

      To further enhance its attraction, the RUNCL Swimbait 7.5" Slow Float features downward looking 3D eyes, highly realistic 3D gill plates, and a top dorsal fin that completes its spellbinding appeal. Equipped with custom holographic paint jobs that reflect multiple colors at different angles and sticky sharp Japanese treble hooks, the RUNCL Swimbait 7.5" Slow Float is the ultimate big bait to mimic a variety of panfish.