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      • Solid Structure: Built with a thicker and more rugged frame than other stowaways, and fitted with heavy-duty secure-locking latches (allows for one-handed operation), keep your valuable lures and terminal tackle safe and secure on the go, the tackle box is able to handle the rigors of tournament angling
      • Waterproof Seal: 360-degree waterproof basket, made of natural silica gel, keeps moisture out and protects your tackle from the elements
      • Sun Protection: The dark brown appearance keeps lures out of the sun, and prevents the fading or oxidation of expensive lures, helps extend the lifespan of your tackle
      • Perfect Organizer: Comes with removable dividers, allows you to customize storage compartments to easily fit your tackle selection, and keep your terminal tackle from tangling and mixing into different compartments
      • Size M: 10.65" L x 7.1" W x 1.89" H, fits into any standard size tackle bag with a 3600 size footprint
      • Size L: 14" L x 8.65" W x 2.15"H, fits into any standard size tackle bag with a 3700 size footprint
      • Size XL: 14" L x 8.65" W x 3.15" H, the tackle box offers a deeper capacity than the standard 3700 sizes